Thursday, May 16, 2013

The 'Root' of the Situation

It’s great to say that research, (for me; not sure about the chemist grad students next door), is a vivacious journey, rather than the culmination of specific accomplishments such as the production of noteworthy data and a fancy degree. From degreed professionals to newborn babies, we’re all curious little scientists, uncovering the various trends spotted in
Back in the day (summer 2004) when I first started out in a lab, I thought I was so amazing because I took science to the “next level” by unscrewing bottle-tops with only one hand, placing the lids of jars of peanut butter (or whatever else) upside down on the counter to avoid “contamination”, or especially when I used scientific street-reasoning to always choose the milk on the “bottom and back of the shelf,”[Hint: Hot air rises, and the center of the fridge is coldest… just in case ;) ]. But one thing was for sure, making logical and tested procedures out of life became my research, and earning a decorative degree didn’t have to remind me that I was a scientist at heart. Being in a lab refines the natural deductive reasoning skills given to us at birth and provides a better structure/framework for becoming faster and more efficient at answering any question that causes an itch in our mind. What’s even greater is that the curious “itch” doesn’t have to be biology related either.
I’ve been asked if I ever had a chance to achieve all my goals, exactly as I had planned out of high school, would I go through doctoral training again? This question essentially meant I would have to leave out all of my laboratory research experiences, but after several nanoseconds, I replied, “Most def.” To fast-forward a bit, the reason I would do it all over again is because the underlying concept of research is that for every question answered, several more questions are raised. Put simply, conducting research enables us to dig into greater depths and light up the darkness of ignorance with the fire of knowledge. I can guarantee that anybody who dares to do a true scientific experiment in lab will become captivated in exploring nature and science. After all, humans are the result of science, and research is just calling them back to their roots.

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