Friday, December 13, 2013

requested by david

idk why david wanted this, I just told him I would leave it here


  1. Epic score guy! What OST is that from? Can you teach me how to make videos like that?

  2. Thanks! It's a compilation of license-free music that I think youtube offers for free...

    Here is the list:

    Theatre of the Damned Outro by Andrew Scott Foust
    Poundin the Pavement by DJ Morphiziz
    In The Dark by Joi Veer
    Stop Stalling by Derby
    Niacin by Alcajazz
    Bring It Back by Michael Mills
    Technicolor Eyes by Backseat Goodbye
    The Lotus Flower by Isisip
    Circles by Darko Saric

    Sure, just let me know. I just played around with the youtube video editor, no other software was used. But if you need help with anything, feel free to contact me.