Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to Science...

When you spend an ENTIRE day analyzing data for an experiment and it's all done, life just feels so damn good!

You feel proud making a meeting with the boss to show your awesome results, ....

and then you realize tomorrow will be exactly like the day you just finished and you have to go back and re-analyze everything using a different method according to the boss.....

When I'm told I need to re-do all my data

It's all good though, as soon as I graduate, I'll be like....


For sho'


  1. To give some extra perspective to this entry, here are two important points:
    1. Been there, done that, felt that same way (believe it or not, back in the days, I was a graduate student too).
    2. Graduation? How about passing your prelims first?

    JuST KiDDiNg!!! (Brief innocent display of boss' humor)(on second thoughts, about your prelims....)

  2. I feel you...... This is our life about......